Brief introduction of stereoscopic warehouse

Automatic stereo warehouse system, namely the stereoscopic warehouse, is a new concept in logistics, warehousing, is the current storage technology in the form of higher levels of logistics field,using three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize high-level rationalization, access to automation, easy to operate. Main body by the shelves, the type of roadway stacker crane loading and unloading the workbench, and automatic transmission system and operating control system. Shelves are usually combined steel structure buildings or structures, shelves position is a standard size in space, through in the shelf between roadway stacker crane, save, take the goods to complete work. Mouth for ins and outs of the use of a variety of conveyor or AGV \ RGV run automatically when the car stacker machine docking realize the automatic operation of the logistics.
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Features of stereoscopic storage system

All warehouse operation to realize mechanization and automation, save manpower to improve working efficiency

High Efficiency, low cost:

Increase height of warehouse, make full use of the warehouse with space, reduce cover an area of an area, reduce the land acquisition costs


Use pallet or packing case storage of goods, the goods damage rate significantly reduced


To use management, focus would be easy to control, with the aid of a computer can use the warehouse storage capacity, effectively facilitate inventory stocktaking, Reasonable reduce inventory, managing cash flow


Able to adapt to the darkness, toxic, low temperature and other special needs

about taiho

Founded in 2004 and listed on the Main Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017 (A-shares stock code: 603656), Hefei Taihe Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd. ("Company") specializes in the R&D and application based on artificial intelligence, machine vision and complete set of intelligent equipment as a comprehensive logistics service provider for intelligent parks. Its products include intelligent sorting, intelligent packaging, intelligent stacking, intelligent AGV, intelligent three-dimensional storage, intelligent loading system, etc.

As a high-tech enterprise, provincial key software enterprise and innovation-based pilot enterprise, the Company's professional R&D personnel account for more than 20%, including more than 60 doctors and masters. Its provincial postdoctoral research station, provincial engineering and technology research center and enterprise R&D center have been established successively; meanwhile, it is also recognized as the municipal technology innovation center, provincial industrial design center, provincial enterprise technology center and national enterprise technology center. The Company has undertaken the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund Project, Industrial Project of China Torch Program, Technology Transfer Program of Anhui Province, and Anhui Major Science and Technology Project. The Company owns more than 200 patents and software copyrights, participated in the preparation of multiple national and industrial standards, and won the title of National Demonstration Enterprise of Manufacturing and Internet Integration, National Demonstration Enterprise of Integration of Informatization and Industrialization and National Demonstration Enterprise of Pilot Intelligent Manufacturing. In 2018, "TAIHO" was identified as China Well-known Trademark. 

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